Think smart—as in smart thermostat

Think smart—as in smart thermostat

Think smart—as in smart thermostat

My calendar says it is April, but my mind says it just can’t be. The weather seems to be all over the place this month.

As soon as we have a couple of warm days and I start putting away my winter wardrobe, cold weather sneaks back in.

Trying to keep the people in my house as comfortable as they can be, temperature wise, and keeping an eye on my actual energy consumption and electric bill has almost become a full-time job. If I only had my “smart” thermostat installed already it could do that for me.

What’s the difference between thermostats anyway?

  1. regular thermostat is one that allows you to manually adjust the temperature of your heating and air conditioning system. Basically, it serves as a control panel for your unit.
  2. programmable thermostat allows you to control your unit by the time of day and day of the week.  Who doesn’t want to be warm and toasty, or cool and comfy, when they arrive back at home from a hard day at work.
  3. smart thermostat can do it all.  Think of it as a little magical device installed in your home that monitors your energy use while optimizing your comfort.

Smart thermostats learn from your behavior and adjust accordingly. They learn your occupancy patterns and with a web app, you can view your energy consumption in real time. Some smart thermostats automatically adjust based on humidity---and can be managed remotely.

While smart thermostats tend to be expensive for obvious reasons, the potential for making your life a little easier is there. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly use all the help I can get.

Santee Cooper currently offers rebates on pre-qualified smart thermostats. Check out our list and get more information here.

Author Jessica Yourko

Jessica Yourko

Jessica Yourko is Santee Cooper's CIS Business Analyst and has worked with Retail Operations since 2001. She graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 1997 with a bachelor's in marketing and received her MBA from Winthrop University in 2006. Jessica is proud native of Horry County. She lives in Myrtle Beach with her husband and two children. In her free time, you can find Jessica soaking up the sun while she works on some project that likely involves fabric, paint or a glue gun.