Santee Cooper is About People

Santee Cooper is About People

Santee Cooper is About People

I’ve been here at Santee Cooper for about three months now.  In my first blog, I talked about how much the people care about each other and the customer. While the company does foster a culture of caring, it really comes down to the people.

As part of my training, I’ve been able to meet people across departments.

Kyle met me at the distribution center in Myrtle Beach and put me out with a line crew. Wessman, Wilson, Hunter and the newbies made me feel welcome right away. They let me get in their way and ask all kinds of questions. It didn’t matter if they were digging a trench, pulling wire or in the middle of hooking up lines. They love what they do and were happy I asked.

They were working hard, sweaty and hot, but cool about any situation that would arise. It was just part of the job and that power needed to be turned on. “Old Man” as they call Danny, picked on me the entire day and put me to work. I asked if his kids think what he does is cool. He put on a smirk. “Yeah, they do.” It was obvious he loves his job just as much as his kids think it’s cool. 

Will met a group of us at Cross Generating Station. He was genuinely excited to tell us how the plant works. Will explained how scrubbers take most of the pollutants out of the air, and how fly ash from Cross is used in concrete and gypsum, with gypsum ending up between two pieces of thick paper to be your drywall.

A derivative of our coal can be used for your fancy refrigerator’s water filter, he explained, proud of how the plant operates and how efficient the whole process has become. I have to say, for a massive coal-fired plant, it was very clean.  It was clear from his enthusiasm that he loves his job and the fact he is able to help his customers with reliable electricity.  Plus, that plant employs almost 250 people in a town of 4,247. That’s a good steward to the community.

In July, our “field trip” was to a couple of substations in the Moncks Corner area. Brian and Justin were our guides. I have to be honest, most of what they said went straight over my head. But they were so excited to explain how the substations work, that I didn’t want to burst their bubbles by asking too many questions. What was clear was the passion they have for their jobs. It’s electrifying!

It’s clear Santee Cooper invests in its people and those people are truly invested in the company and its customers.

You can learn more about our employees and their dedication to customers and their communities on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. We’re working on a video series now so you can meet some of those employees “in person.”

Author Tracy Vreeland

Tracy Vreeland

Tracy Vreeland joined Santee Cooper in May 2018, coming from a Myrtle Beach advertising agency. Prior to that she worked at United Way of Horry County. A University South Carolina graduate, she majored in electronic journalism and has worked in television news gathering at several stations. A New Jersey native, Tracy enjoys hanging with her son, Oliver, and daugther, Vienna, running, volunteering, going to the beach and watching the New York Giants and USC Gamecocks.