Back to Life! Back to Reality!

Back to Life! Back to Reality!

Back to Life!  Back to Reality!

Let’s be honest. September and October have been a bit of a blur for most of us.

On Sept. 10, 2018, the governor issued a mandatory evacuation order for the South Carolina coast beginning at noon the following day as Hurricane Florence approached our shores.

Schools closed to serve as shelters and families began to decide to head inland. Lives were disrupted, schedules changed, and all previous plans seemed to be tossed to the wind.

From S.C. National Guardsmen working tirelessly to build a barrier to save our roads. To public safety workers directing traffic. To helicopters buzzing overhead surveying for the impending flood. To ordinary citizens stepping in to play the role of hero by helping their neighbors, our area faced a challenging time.

Last Friday, for the very first time in nearly three weeks, we took back our roads (well, the main ones anyway), sandbags were removed and – hallelujah – the mosquito planes were in the air.

At least for the weekend, lives started to return to normal, back to life.

Today, however, we are back to reality and back to watching our favorite meteorologists update us on a newly formed hurricane spinning closer to the U.S.

Hurricane Michael is beginning to make its way through the Florida Panhandle. While we don’t expect torrential downpours like we recently experienced, we do expect some heavy wind and rain at times. Prolonged power outages will be unlikely, but we all know things can change in the blink of an eye.

To stay updated on outages that may affect you, make sure you register at and set up outage notifications to be sent to your phone or your email. 

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Author Jessica Yourko

Jessica Yourko

Jessica Yourko is Santee Cooper's CIS Business Analyst and has worked with Retail Operations since 2001. She graduated from Coastal Carolina University in 1997 with a bachelor's in marketing and received her MBA from Winthrop University in 2006. Jessica is proud native of Horry County. She lives in Myrtle Beach with her husband and two children. In her free time, you can find Jessica soaking up the sun while she works on some project that likely involves fabric, paint or a glue gun.