Don’t Panic at Heat Pump Replacement

Don’t Panic at Heat Pump Replacement

Don’t Panic at Heat Pump Replacement

It was a hot, humid week after the winds and rains of Hurricane Florence washed over South Carolina. While I was working at our Storm Center in Myrtle Beach, destructive little gremlins slunk over to my house in Mount Pleasant, sneaked into my air conditioning unit and wreaked havoc.

These creatures with their grubby little paws conspired to make it 95 degrees in my house when I returned home. I see their sharp-toothed grins and hear their maniacal laughter in my head.

OK, I’ll concede it may not have been gremlins that killed off one of the things that make me the happiest--cool air on hot, humid nights--but that’s how I picture the demise of my A/C. What it really came down to was age and a leaking evaporator coil. The bottom line was a fix that may not fix things, or a new unit. Due to the age of the A/C, I chose the latter. And then the stress ensued.

You see, it’s stressful to deal with such a large purchase, and the financing that goes along with it. Santee Cooper can help make the process less stressful. As the owner of a new unit, here’s my advice:

Before you have issues with your heat pump, find a licensed, reputable cooling and heating company that is a Santee Cooper Trade Ally and have your unit serviced at least once a year. That will do two things for you: Create a relationship with a company you trust and feel comfortable with, and keep your heat pump or A/C unit running efficiently. (Don’t forget to change your filters monthly, too.)

If and when you run into those A/C-destroying gremlins, you’ll know who you want to call. Plus, if you have a Santee Cooper Trade Ally on your side, they can assist you with rebates should you need to replace your unit.

Know where to look for help. Santee Cooper’s website is a great place to start. We offer rebates for a number of energy efficiency home upgrades, including heat pumps.

We also offer low-interest loans for energy efficiency upgrades. The current loan rate is 3.25 percent for well-qualified customers. Your loan application will be reviewed and an approval or denial will be made within two business days. In case of an emergency, you can request a 24-hour notification.

A low-interest loan and a rebate can definitely make the process less stressful. Keep in mind, Nov. 30 is the last day to submit rebate applications for the 2018 Rebate Program. For more information, check our website.

And good luck keeping those greedy gremlins at bay.

Author Nicole Aiello

Nicole Aiello

Nicole Aiello is Santee Cooper's director of public relations. She's been working in PR since 1997. After paying her dues in the Big Apple, she decided sun, sand and surf were preferable to shoveling snow, so she made her way to South Carolina. Nicole's professional experience ranges from the celebrity and entertainment industry to tourism, nonprofit and government communications. Nicole, who holds a bachelor of science from Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism, currently calls Mount Pleasant home.