Top Five Energy-Saving Gifts

Top Five Energy-Saving Gifts

Top Five Energy-Saving Gifts

‘Tis the season for gifting. As you head out on your holiday shopping adventures, I’m sure you’ll be thinking about how much those gifts may lighten your wallet. It’s safe to say the person you’re getting gifts for is going through much of the same lament.

As you think about the perfect gift for friends and family, think about how great it would be if your gift makes them happy and also SAVES them money! I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this – amazing, brilliant, spectacular, energy saving gifts!

Here are my Top 5 Energy-Saving Gift Ideas (listed from “Awwww”-response size to “You’re my new favorite person!)”:

  1. Candles: Your friends’ faces will light up (see what I did there?) when they receive this brilliant gift, which could save them money on using their lights at night. Plus, candlelight is a great excuse to cuddle up with a loved one.

  2. LEDs: OK, so maybe gifting someone light bulbs doesn’t seem exciting, but they’ll be thanking you for years, which is how long LEDs last. No one really wants to put light bulbs on their to-do lists, so you can do it for them. You could also help them decorate for the holidays with strings of colorful LED lights or other LED decorations.

  3. Solar phone charger: My phone always dies at the most inopportune time, like when I’m in the middle of getting directions in a town I’ve never visited and I’m late to a...never mind, you get the picture. With a solar charger, you can use the power of the sun (instead of the electricity flowing to your house) to charge your phone or other digital devices.

  4. Blankets: Speaking of cuddling (refer to No. 1 on the list), practically everyone likes a warm, fuzzy blanket while they’re at home on the couch binge-watching their favorite Netflix show. Just think, if their home gets chilly, they just wrap up in the warmth of a blanket instead of turning up the heat. You could also sub in here fuzzy socks, a fuzzy sweater, fuzzy slippers…you get the picture!

  5. Energy Star Appliances: If you’re looking for a big gift, like a television or a computer, look for the Energy Star label. Items with Energy Star labels let you know they ensure energy savings over those without Energy Star labels.

Enjoy your shopping and happy holidays!

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Author Nicole Aiello

Nicole Aiello

Nicole Aiello is Santee Cooper's director of public relations. She's been working in PR since 1997. After paying her dues in the Big Apple, she decided sun, sand and surf were preferable to shoveling snow, so she made her way to South Carolina. Nicole's professional experience ranges from the celebrity and entertainment industry to tourism, nonprofit and government communications. Nicole, who holds a bachelor of science from Ohio University's Scripps School of Journalism, currently calls Mount Pleasant home.