The cost of saving electricity on lighting continues to fall

The cost of saving electricity on lighting continues to fall

The cost of saving electricity on lighting continues to fall

I admit it, I’m a bargain hunter. And, why pay retail, for anything, if you can help it?

But I’m not the multiple three-ringer binders full-of-coupons type of shopper I’ve seen in the grocery stores.

While I do admire extreme couponers, I’ll clip the ones I come across, usually products I’ll buy anyway. I guess you could say I’m a casual couponer. Occasionally, I’ll clip a coupon about a new product that appealing. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at times and other times, I won’t buy again.

There’s another approach to saving money, the so-called “closeout stores.” My mandra for these places is: “If you see it and want it, buy it.” That’s because these stores don’t usually restock. They’ve purchased goods from stores that have gone out of business or if you believe the store ads, the “manufacturers made too many of them and we got a deal,” or some such claim.

I recently was in a closeout store in Myrtle Beach and ran across a four-pack of Honeywell LED light bulbs that are 40-watt equivalents and more importantly, had the color temperature known as “warm white.” I have never seen this brand of LED. That company is probably the market leader in thermostats that regulate our heat pumps. I remember their old analog thermostats from as far back as the late 1950s. The brand has a good reputation for many products.

OK, the deal was four bulbs for $4.99 or for the sake of rounding up a penny, $1.25 each. I bought two packs. This is further, real-world evidence that it makes a lot of sense to replace your traditional incandescent or even the compact fluorescent light bulbs, or CFLs, many of them “swirly bulbs.” Most big-box retailers will accept burned out or CLFs for proper disposal.

The 40-watt LED equivalents use only 7 watts and last up to 25,000 hours. That’s math even I can understand. So, when you see an LED light bulb bargain, go for it!

Author Willard Strong

Willard Strong

Willard joined Corporate Communications in 1989 after a four-year stint as a features reporter at The Post and Courier. A 1981 graduate of USC’s College of Journalism and Mass Communications, the Kingstree native has served as news director at three radio stations, was editor of the weekly newspaper in Moncks Corner and is chairman of the Berkeley County Museum and Heritage Center Board of Directors. A boating enthusiast, he enjoys Gamecock football, lake life on Lake Marion’s Wyboo Creek and keeping his five guitars in tune.