Partners in Education

Partners in Education

Partners in Education

The requirements for my position at Santee Cooper included a teaching license and teaching experience. The educational programs department may only consist of two people, but between us we have taught all but second grade. So, why did a teacher leave the classroom to work for an electric utility?

Before my job interview, I researched Santee Cooper about how they were supporting education. I needed to be ensured that their values and mission aligned with mine. Each day, I went to my classroom with the goal of helping students learn a new skill, learn a life lesson, build their knowledge base to make more informed decisions and develop the basic foundations to be contributing members to society.

Santee Cooper provided me the opportunity to expand my vision of a successful future for students from just my students to thousands of students. I didn’t leave the classroom because I did not want to teach anymore; I saw the chance to influence more people through education. Thanks to Santee Cooper, I now have the privilege of working with students, teachers and administrators across the state to promote educational opportunities, training programs, curricular support materials and resources.

January 2019 marked three years since I left the classroom, and it still amazes me how much Santee Cooper and other South Carolina businesses devote to education. Santee Cooper’s mission is to be the state’s leading resource for improving the quality of life for the people of South Carolina. Education is a major factor in improving the quality of life for all people. Schools and businesses are partners in education and in providing children with the best opportunities and chance of success. Companies and their employees can share useful knowledge and skills to all age groups to show how the information and subjects they are learning apply to real life. Santee Cooper is one of many businesses hoping to bridge the skills gap in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathmatics (STEM) industries by collaborating with schools.

You can learn more about what Santee Cooper does for education in South Carolina on our website.

Author Anna Strickland

Anna Strickland

Considering herself a life-long learner, Anna is a former high school teacher who joined the Educational Programs department in 2016 at Santee Cooper. She is a graduate of Campbell University where she majored in history and education. Also, she earned a master’s degree in history from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Anna is passionate about education and community volunteerism. She serves as the Chair of SC Department of Commerce’s Waccamaw Regional Workforce Advisory Board and is a member of Coastal Carolina University’s Women in Philanthropy and Leadership.