Jamison Solar Farm Goes Online

Jamison Solar Farm Goes Online

Jamison Solar Farm Goes Online

Santee Cooper recently added a new utility-scale solar farm to its portfolio. The 1.2-megawatt Jamison Solar Farm in the Orangeburg County community of Jamison officially came online April 1.

Visible from Interstate 26, the project site was a wedge-shaped parcel proposed by our project partner Tri-County Electric Cooperative, which is developing an adjacent industrial site in Orangeburg County. Tri-County and other electric cooperatives marketed and sold Green Power produced by Santee Cooper. This made the project possible, as well as 37 other solar projects of various sizes statewide. Green Power projects have been introducing solar and educating citizens throughout South Carolina since 2006.

The parcel was rather small, 5.4 acres, and a decision was made to orient the modules at a 15-degree tilt so that additional panels could be placed on the site. With a flatter tilt, the panels could be moved closer together without shadowing. This also effectively shifts the output more to the summer months when the sun is higher in the sky.

The actual construction time for this solar project from breaking ground to completed project was less than four months, although the design and permitting take much longer. The farm uses 4,482 modules and will provide enough energy for 163 average households.

Tri-County hopes that the solar farm will appeal to a large industrial company looking to locate in South Carolina. Companies, and especially international firms, are looking for renewable energy for their operations.

Look for this and other Green Power solar projects in the Palmetto State. You can find a map of all our renewable energy sites website.

Author Elizabeth Kress

Elizabeth Kress

Elizabeth “Liz” Kress is a senior engineer with Santee Cooper, working in the Renewable Energy department. She acts as a developer of biomass and solar projects. Liz has been instrumental in increasing Santee Cooper’s renewable generation, and has also been involved in the feasibility work on offshore wind for South Carolina.

She graduated from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., with a Bachelor of Science degree in metallurgy and materials engineering, and has a master’s degree in business from the University of South Carolina.