Coming Home to Santee Cooper

Coming Home to Santee Cooper

Coming Home to Santee Cooper

As a child growing up with an engineering mom and dad, I thought I was bound for the scientific world, but I knew that wasn’t going to be my reality. So, Santee Cooper never crossed my mind as being my future workplace. 

Ultimately, I would enter the journalism world and attend Winthrop University with that goal in mind. However, Santee Cooper was always a part of my family.

As a child, having a busy father meant it could be hard separating work life from family life, but Santee Cooper made sure that we wouldn’t have to do that; you could actually combine the two.

I remember visiting my dad at work and thinking that he had the coolest job ever, but don’t we all think that of our parents? Getting older, I learned that his dream at Santee Cooper might not be my own.

As I moved on to college and began thinking of my future, I never thought of returning to Charleston and especially not to work for the same company as my dad.

When I was contemplating my best options for a summer internship, Santee Cooper appeared on my search and I spent hours debating whether I should apply or not.

I thought of all the memories made with Santee Cooper, like watching the ducks swim in the ponds or being greeted with open arms and lots of candy whenever my sister and I would visit.

Everyone I met as a child was sweet and welcoming, so I knew that Santee Cooper was where I would find the people who really cared about my future. I decided to go for the experience in Santee Cooper’s Corporate Communications department, and I have not been let down.

I may not have become an engineer or technician, but I found out that there’s more to Santee Cooper than just the technical side. I learned that it takes people from all backgrounds to run the company.

Santee Cooper is the place that helped both my dad and me realize that as long as you do what you love every day, you will be happy.

Author Caroline Riggs

Caroline Riggs

Caroline Riggs is a 2019 summer public relations intern at Santee Cooper. She is from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, and attended Wando High School. She now studies French and mass communication at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. When she's not working in the PR department, Caroline loves to practice multiple languages, write and listen to political podcasts. Her father has worked at Santee Cooper for 23 years and she is excited to join him this summer at Santee Cooper.