Imagine A Day Without Water

Imagine A Day Without Water

Imagine A Day Without Water

Power lines. Linemen. Bucket trucks. Electricity. As a customer, these are probably some of the first things that come to mind when thinking of Santee Cooper. But what about your morning cup of coffee, watering your flowers and those nice, warm showers? Yep, Santee Cooper helps with those, too.

We operate two wholesale water systems, one on Lake Moultrie and one on Lake Marion. That very water moves through our water treatment facilities and makes its way into the homes of more than 200,000 residents in the Lowcountry. That’s why we’re getting involved.

Wednesday, Oct. 23, marks the fifth annual Imagine A Day Without Water, a project developed by the Value of Water Campaign to help educate and inspire the nation on the necessity of water. Last year, more than 1,000 organizations signed up to participate in the annual day of advocacy and education. This year, Santee Cooper joins the list of organizations that want to help raise awareness on the value of water.

First, here’s a little background on our water systems. Launched in October 1994, the Santee Cooper Regional Water System was the first regional approach to water distribution in the Lowcountry. This system has the capacity to draw 40 million gallons of water per day (mgd) from Lake Moultrie (to put this in perspective, a good-sized bath holds 40 gallons, so 40 million gallons would be 1,000,000 baths). The Lake Marion Regional Water System came online in 2008 and has the capacity to draw 8 mgd from Lake Marion. Both systems are growing as the population and demand grow.

Both water systems (Lakes Marion and Moultrie) have also been honored with the “Best Tasting Water” award from the South Carolina Rural Water Association. If you live in Moncks Corner, Goose Creek, Berkeley County, Summerville, or the Town of Santee… you’re probably drinking it.

Another fact you may not know? Within the next three to five years, it is estimated that 50 percent of water and wastewater treatment operators will retire. In efforts to offset the coming shortage, we’re partnering with Berkeley County high schools for Imagine A Day Without Water. On Oct. 23, we’ve invited more than 80 students to visit the Moncks Corner water treatment facility to learn about the water treatment process, and explore what a career in the field looks like.

How will you imagine a day without water? Join the conversation on social media by using #ValueWater, and follow along on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to learn more.


Author Carrah Lingo

Carrah Lingo

Carrah joined Corporate Communications in 2019 after working various jobs in communications and marketing over the last five years. A 2014 graduate of Clemson University, she serves as president of the Clemson Young Alumni of Charleston putting together local networking and social events across the Lowcountry. Outside of work Carrah enjoys volunteering as a Big Sister, cheering on the Tigers, and planning events.