Why Using Solar Energy Is Smart For Business

Why Using Solar Energy Is Smart For Business

Why Using Solar Energy Is Smart For Business

As a business owner, you know the health of your bottom line is what keeps your business strong, healthy and growing. Luckily there are also options that save your business money on utilities like electricity and contribute to the overall wellbeing of the environment and its protection for years to come. 

Often, we hear about installing solar panels on homes to replace the energy typically generated from traditional sources with renewable, solar energy. The same can be done at our workplaces and can make an even larger impact, simply because of the amount of energy it takes to keep the lights on, run the air conditioning, and power computers, printers, monitors and more for hours every day.

You may think using commercial solar power isn’t feasible for your business but locking in electric rates and using green energy to support our working environments can make sense for small businesses and corporations alike.

Cut costs on electricity bills

When your company installs solar panels or takes advantage of community solar farms, it can lower operating costs, especially for businesses with a high amount of electrical needs. Using a solar strategy for energy creation helps optimize for a lower-cost power.

Benefit from incentives

Santee Cooper not only offers assistance with setting up your business for renewable energy success, but also provides rebates through our Solar Business Program for the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. You can also take advantage of tax credits and incentives when you install and use solar panels for your business.

Boost moral with sustainable initiatives

Being a socially responsible business can make a big difference in the culture of your team, working environment and attraction level of your brand. Many people choose to support organizations that transparently support environmentally friendly initiatives and making the effort to go green may increase their like of and trust in your organization.

Support local

Our solar team will also help you get connected with one of Santee Cooper’s approved Trade Allies. These are vetted installers in your area who have become members of Santee Cooper’s network of independent contractors. By buying from and supporting these solar businesses, you’re helping to grow the local economy, and may even be earning new customers in the process.

Being a business owner means making the smartest decisions for the health of your business, and by choosing commercial solar installation or using community solar panels through our Solar Share program, you’re making a smart capital investment for your business’ future. Using solar energy could boost your bottom line, build a strong and effective foundation for sustainable actions in your company, and improve the attractiveness of your team culture and brand values. It also means you will be supporting your local economy as well as contributing to the overall environmental health.

Find out more about the best and most efficient way to get started with using solar for your business by visiting santeecoopersolar.com or reaching out to a Santee Cooper solar expert at solar@santeecooper.com today. Our team is ready to help with your specific needs.

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