5 Tips To Save Energy This Winter

5 Tips To Save Energy This Winter

5 Tips To Save Energy This Winter

When winter weather is approaching, it’s time to change your strategy at home to conserve electricity and lower your energy bill. You don’t have to freeze inside just because the temperature drops. In fact, these tips are more about keeping you comfortable without shocking your home’s system and driving up utility activity.

First thing’s first: you should assess your home to understand everything that’s using energy. If you want some advice, Santee Cooper’s Energy Advisors are standing by to help you save energy and money. Our energy experts can conduct a House Call to find areas where you can improve.

Next, you can start with these easy switches to start making the most of your home energy ecosystem.

Turn down your thermostat

When you switch over from air conditioning to heat, it’s important to turn down the temperature to a cooler, comfortable temperature so that your system isn’t working overtime to heat up to your previous summer and fall temperatures. We recommend setting it to a pleasant 68 degrees for optimal efficiency.

Switch to LED lightbulbs

Cold weather can wear on light bulbs; however, LED bulbs can stand up to cooler temperatures better than their standard counterparts. Not only are they created to use less energy, but LEDs don’t emit heat, so they won’t be as affected by stark environmental changes like temperature. During the holidays, you can even use LED string lights to reduce the cost of Christmas tree and outdoor decorations. 

Service your heating system

Maintaining your heating system before the season arrives in full force will help to make sure that it can run accurately throughout the season. We recommend replacing your furnace and heat pump filters monthly and cleaning wood- and pellet-burning heater flue vents regularly to make sure that the air flow doesn’t get dampened and that dust and debris aren’t getting in the way of the heating process. When your heaters are free and clear to run as they were intended, they end up using less electricity and saving you energy in the long run.

Keep your fireplace damper closed

When you’re not burning a fire in your fireplace, it’s smart to keep the damper closed. It’s like leaving a window open - an open damper allows the warm air in your home to escape up the chimney. We also recommend checking the seal on the fireplace damper to make sure it’s snug and air isn’t still escaping unnecessarily when it’s closed. Installing a tempered glass door and a heat-air exchange system that blows warm air back into the room is also a great addition to make sure your fireplace is working at its highest level for your home.

Turn down the temperature on your water heater

During the cooler months, it’s a smart idea to adjust the temperature of your water heater so it’s using less energy to warm up your water, and also so you don’t scald yourself using hot water in cold air temperatures. You can easily adjust the appliance yourself to the warm setting at 120 degrees.

There are many ways to save energy and money going into the winter season, and a lot of them are a simple switch or adjustment you can do yourself at home. Start small with these five easy changes to begin making your home the cozy winter abode you love without getting the utility bill you don’t. If you’re looking for more, we’re always here to help with more energy efficiency tips and rebates for qualifying equipment.

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