Introducing EmpowerSC

Introducing EmpowerSC

Introducing EmpowerSC

As a nonprofit utility that focuses on creating a brighter tomorrow, our team at Santee Cooper is passionate about bringing you useful information and tools to empower you to make the best decisions for your home, business and lifestyle. That’s why we’re launching EmpowerSC, our newest collection of dynamic programs that will help you take advantage of the latest technology trends and innovations while saving energy and money.

Our goal is to help you choose energy efficient habits and products that work best for you, so you can lower your energy use and lower your bill while improving sustainability and helping reduce our environmental footprint.

We’re all connected by power, so by helping yourself you’re also benefiting the entire community. When you choose to be more energy efficient, it takes less of a toll on the power grid, and we spend less on fuel. It also reduces the need for more power plants, and we can then pass on those savings to you and all our customers. 

With four main focuses, we’re putting the power in your hands.

Empower Home

It’s important to make wise decisions on how you use energy in order to create a happy, sustainable, energy-efficient home that makes life easier on you, your home system and, in turn, your energy bill.

Empower Home provides you with the education and resources to make informed energy choices that are right for you. These include small habit changes to reduce your energy use, products to swap out for energy-efficient upgrades and rebates that put money in your wallet.

It’s our way of helping you create a smarter and more environmentally conscious home.

Empower Auto

Electric vehicles offer a clean, quiet and enjoyable ride without the cost of fuel and certain engine maintenance or the lasting environmental effects of exhaust. In the coming years, even more exciting developments will occur, so we’re dedicated to making sure understanding, choosing and thriving with electric vehicles is something you are empowered to do. Plus, we’ve got rebates for qualified charging stations so you can power up your EV at home.

Empower Solar

Optimizing your home or business using solar energy may be the right decision for you. Santee Cooper has residential and commercial programs to help you put solar panels on your own roof or participate in our community solar programs - no roof required. Affordable, clean power is available to positively impact your home or office’s productivity.

With industry experts standing by to personally help you find the ideal system for your needs along with rebates, credits and payment programs to start you off on the right foot, you can feel confident about choosing renewable energy and managing your bright future.

Empower Business

The bottom line is important to your business, so we want to help you keep energy expenses low while providing you with the best service possible. You can be certain that you’re making the best choices when it comes to powering your organization with the resources and rebates available through Empower Business. The power is yours to keep your business’ energy usage efficient and expenses low. 

It’s a new year, a new season and the perfect time to be empowered in your energy solutions. Through our four focus areas, we want you to be able to make the best decisions to benefit your family, your lifestyle and your wallet.

It’s our job to help you maximize your energy efficiency, give you the best choices to make an impact on your home or business and your energy bill, and set up our community for a smarter, brighter tomorrow.

As 2021 approaches, we’re excited to be rolling out new offers through EmpowerSC, and we’ll continue to add more programs throughout the year. You can stay updated on our EmpowerSC programs by signing up to learn more at

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