Ford Announces New All-Electric Truck, F-150 Lightning

Ford Announces New All-Electric Truck, F-150 Lightning

Ford Announces New All-Electric Truck, F-150 Lightning

Ford has finally announced its long-anticipated electric version of the popular F-150 truck – the F-150 Lightning. With the rising number of electric vehicles on the market, and other big names such as Tesla announcing their plans for an electric pickup truck, it comes as no surprise that Ford is attempting to enter the EV truck market with a new and ambitious take on a well-known classic.

Coming in 2022, the F-150 Lightning includes many impressive specifications that are sure to attract EV and truck enthusiasts alike. These include:

  • Standard 230 miles of range, which can be upgraded to 300 miles at higher trim levels.
  • 500+ horsepower and 700+ pound-feet of torque.
  • 2,000-pound payload capacity, 10,000-pound towing capacity.
  • A 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds.

With these impressive specs, one could imagine that the Lightning would be out of their price range. However, the price starts at a surprisingly reasonable $39,974, which doesn’t include the additional federal EV tax credit of up to $7,500.

These stats are catching the eyes of many people, including Santee Cooper employee Tim Suggs. “I currently own a 2018 F-150 and decided to reserve a Lightning as soon as it became available. The horsepower and torque numbers with the extended range version surpasses anything I will need,” said Suggs. “The attractive pricing along with the federal tax credit was also a factor.”

The new F-150 Lightning has many other unique features and options such as 11 onboard power outlets including a 240v outlet, the ability to use its massive battery to power a house for up to 3 days, and more. With groundbreaking technology and an affordable starting price, Ford is aiming to revolutionize the EV industry.

Santee Cooper is excited to be involved with the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. We are currently offering rebates of up to $500 for the purchase of a qualifying level 2 EV charging station. For more information, visit us online.

Author Steven Roys

Steven Roys

Steven Roys, a native of Berkeley County, joined Santee Cooper in 2014 as a Financial Analyst. Prior to joining Santee Cooper, Steven attended the University of South Carolina where he double-majored in accounting and marketing. In 2016, Steven began researching and designing an electric vehicle plan for Santee Cooper. In his spare time you can catch him playing disc golf, barbecuing, and watching Carolina football.