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Generator Interconnection Standard


SCPSA Generator Interconnect Standard - This Standard contains the requirements, in addition to applicable tariffs and service regulations, for the interconnection and parallel operation of Generating Facilities with the South Carolina Public Service Authority (“SCPSA” or the “Authority.”)

Rooftop Solar Installations:

The most common forms needed are for certified inverter-based facilities no larger than 20kW (i.e. rooftop solar installations). These forms are available as Interconnection Request, Certificate of Completion, and Terms and Conditions for Certified Inverter-Based Generating Facilities No Larger than 20 kW (Attachment 7).

Interconnection Requests for new Generating Facilities shall be submitted to the Authority for approval at the final design stage and prior to the beginning of construction. Use the following contact information based on location:

 Garden City and Conway

  Carlita Goff
  Area Engineering Supv

  900 Inlet Square Drive
  Murrells Inlet, SC 


  843-651-1598 ext 3808



 Myrtle Beach / North Myrtle Beach

  John Curtis
  Area Engineering Supv

  1000 2nd Ave North
  North Myrtle Beach, SC


  843-249-3505 ext 3410


 Moncks Corner / Berkeley

Brandon Biggs 

  PO Box 2946101
  Moncks Corner, SC


  843-761-8000 ext 5236


The submission of a written request for a Section 1.2 Pre-Application Report is encouraged to identify potential interconnection issues unforeseen by the Interconnection Customer.

Revised Interconnection Requests for equipment or design changes should be submitted pursuant to Section 1.4.

Notification by the Interconnection Customer to the Authority of change of ownership or change in control must be submitted pursuant to Section 6.11.

Complete List of Associated Documents and Forms:

SCPSA Generator Interconnect Standard – full interconnect standard with all forms and agreements (116 pages)

Rooftop Solar Package: Interconnection Request, Certificate of Completion, and Terms and Conditions for Certified Inverter-Based Generating Facilities No Larger than 20 kW (Attachment 7) – For small, PV systems (e.g. rooftop solar) this 9-page document provides all the necessary agreements and terms.

Pre-Application Report Request (Attachment 2) - An Interconnection Customer may submit a formal written Pre-Application Report request form along with a non-refundable fee of $500

Interconnection Request Application Form (Attachment 3) – detailed application for all systems except <20kW Certified Inverter-based.

Site Control Verification form (Attachment 4) - Documentation of site control shall be submitted to the Authority with the Interconnection Request using the Site Control Verification Form.

System Impact Study Agreement (Attachment 8) – necessary for systems that do not pass or qualify for the fast-track process.

Facilities Study Agreement (Attachment 9) – necessary if the customer needs the Authority to perform a Facilities Study to specify and estimate the cost of the equipment, engineering, procurement and construction work needed to implement the conclusions of the system impact study.

Interconnection Agreement (Attachment 10) - This Agreement shall be used for all Interconnection Requests submitted under the SCPSA Generator Interconnection Procedures except for those submitted under the 20 kW Inverter Process in Section 2 of the Standard.


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