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Maintenance Information

Mosquito Control

Santee Cooper's mosquito control program, currently referred to as Vector Management, was housed in our first permanently erected building in the late 1930s. It was instrumental in the eradication of malaria from the region by 1950 and continues to control disease carrying and nuisance mosquitos.


Spray Schedule

Wednesday, May 30 (Evening)

DuBois, DuBois Extension, Live Oak, Black Oak, Bonneau Park, General Moultrie I, General Moultrie II.

Spray operations typically begin 30 minutes prior to official sunset. All spray operations are contingent upon appropriate weather conditions.

Aquatic Weed Control

Santee Cooper's Analytical and Biological Services division is responsible for the identification and control of invasive and nuisance aquatic weeds on the lakes.

Non-native and invasive aquatic vegetation like hydrilla, water hyacinth and crested floating heart can have a detrimental affect on the lakes' ecosystem, which is why Santee Cooper is committed to controlling their spread. Treatments include use of the EPA-approved herbicides and stocking the lake with sterile carp that feed on hydrilla.

Please report nuisance vegetation to Analytical and Biological Services at 843-761-4101 or 843-761-8000 ext. 4564.

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