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Smart Energy Loans

Loan programs that build in value.

The loans in the Smart Energy Homes Programs reward you when you reduce the use of electricity. Whether you’re looking to build a new home or just boost your current home’s energy conservation, together we can improve the energy saving power of your home, helping you save more year-round.


Santee Cooper can help you pay for qualified, energy saving improvements and renewable energy resources for your home. You can apply for energy-efficient loans ranging from $500 to $20,000 with up to 60-months to repay loans over $1,000. Our renewable energy resource loan is up to $40,000 with up to 120-months to repay. 100% financing available.

Energy-Efficient Loan

  • High Efficiency Electric Heat Pumps
  • Heat Pump Water Heaters
  • Duct Replacements

Renewable Energy Resource Loan†

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  1. Begin by filling out a loan application (Online or PDF). Santee Cooper will let you know when your application has been approved. Applications remain active for 90 days.

    Please note: If you have a heat pump emergency, you may request 24-hour approval.

  2. Select a Trade Ally. Once your loan is approved, you may select a Trade Ally for your Energy Efficient measure.

  3. Send one proposal of your choice for the heat pump, as well as other improvements, along with a manual J8 calculation to your Energy Advisor. You will be called when the proposal has been approved. You must have received the approval for your application and the proposal before any work takes place. If work begins before approval, the loan may be denied. Santee Cooper will then inform you to contact your Trade Ally to schedule the work.

  4. Have your Energy Advisor do a final inspection when the work is done. Your Energy Advisor will schedule the loan final where you will sign the loan documents if the work meets the program requirements.

  5. Payment is made in the form of a check to your Trade Ally.


  1. Begin by filling out a loan application (Online or PDF). In addition, customers will need to complete an Application to Interconnect Customer-Owned Small Generation anytime the PV System will be connected in any way to Santee Cooper's electrical system.  Applications remain active for 120 days.
  2. The loan application and the interconnection applications will be reviewed and a site visit by the Santee Cooper Area Engineer will be scheduled.
  3. If your application is denied, you will find out by mail. If it is approved, a Santee Cooper Energy Advisor will contact you for loan approval & further directions.
  1. Select a Solar Electric Trade Ally. Submit the proposal to Santee Cooper within 60-days of approval of your loan application (Remember, a Trade Ally's license numbers, certifications, and signature are required).

  2. Once the proposal is approved, you will contact your Solar Electric Trade Ally to perform work. Your system must be installed within 120-days of Santee Cooper's loan approval.

  3. Once PV installation is complete, you will contact the Santee Cooper Area Engineer to finalize all interconnection requirements and tests. 

  4. The Area Engineer will let you know if the interconnection meets all program requirements. If everything is approved, you will complete all necessary loan documents and sign the interconnection agreement. At this time, a meter will be installed and you will be required to participate in the Distributed Generation Rider Program. Upon satisfaction of all loan program requirements, Santee Cooper will disburse the loan proceeds accordingly. Copies of all the loan documents will be mailed to you for your records.
* Maximum outstanding loans per customer cannot exceed $20,000 for energy-efficient loans and $40,000 for renewable energy resource loans. Combined maximum outstanding loans per customer cannot exceed $40,000.

† For renewable energy resource systems, the Trade Ally must have a State Electrical Contractors License and appropriate certifications.