Integrated Resource Plan

Participate in Santee Cooper's 2023 IRP process

Join the Discussion! Santee Cooper is in the process of developing its triennial integrated resource plan. An integrated resource plan is intended to represent the most reasonable and prudent means of meeting Santee Cooper energy and capacity needs as of the time the plan is prepared. We need input from as many stakeholders as possible. We want you to be involved in developing this plan, which will include a diverse portfolio with significantly more renewables and clean-energy resources.

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About IRP

An integrated resource plan (IRP) is a public planning process to establish a roadmap for how an electric utility meets the projected load of its customers, in a cost-effective and reliable manner. An IRP balances multiple objectives including system reliability, environmental responsibility, cost impacts and risks.

Resource Planning Principles

Santee Cooper has adopted the following resource planning principles:

  • Reliability: Operate and plan the Santee Cooper system to ensure that all retail and  wholesale customers are provided reliable electric power — reliability is the number one product of any electric utility
  • Customer Focus: Provide safe, reliable, and affordable power, and provide customers with new opportunities as markets change 
  • Cost Management: Develop resource plans that provide effective cost management over the long-term
  • Environmental Stewardship: Responsibly manage the environmental impact of Santee Cooper operations
  • Long-Term View: Develop a long-term resource strategy to ensure flexibility and optionality over a wide range of possible future conditions
  • Reduce Financial and Planning Risk: Develop resource plans that readily adapt as future conditions change and, when possible, add resources in increments that closely match resources to needs
  • Embrace Innovation: Identify potential developing technologies and incorporate in resource plans when reasonable and cost-effective
  • Transparency: Engage customers, stakeholders, Board Members, and elected officials in a transparent resource planning process that is responsive to questions and input

Meeting Presentations & Materials

Stakeholder Input and Feedback Forum

To improve our ability to receive and publicly respond to stakeholder input and feedback, Santee Cooper has transitioned to an online forum. This allows you to add to the conversation and also view input and feedback that others have provided. 

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Upcoming Stakeholder Meetings

The next stakeholder meeting will be scheduled in the fall of 2022. 

Past IRPs

 2020 Integrated Resource Plan