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Your business is your livelihood, and we want to empower you to make smart decisions and keep your energy usage efficient and expenses low.  Our Commercial Prescriptive Program offers rebates for energy upgrades, including a wide variety of lighting rebates, to put money back in your pocket.

Commercial Prescriptive Program Manual

Some rebate measures will require a pre-inspection before work can be started. Contact a Santee Cooper Trade Ally or Santee Cooper Energy Advisor before you start the work.

Commercial Prescriptive Rebate Programs

Commercial light bulb

Certified Retrofit Lighting

Retrofitting lights

Non-Certified Retrofit Lighting

Hand operating lighting controls

Lighting Controls

Indoor pool with underwater LED lighting

Underwater LED Lighting

Office with certified new construction lighting

Certified New Construction Lighting

Facility with non-certified new construction lighting

Non-Certified New Construction Lighting

Image of roof with HVAC equipment

HVAC Improvements

Nest Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostats

Commercial kitchen

Commercial Refrigeration and Kitchen Equipment

Person washing vegetables

Domestic Hot Water Equipment

Image of innertube in commercial pool

Pumps and Motors

Other Commercial Customer Programs

Man charging EV

Empower Auto

Man in apron next to 'Open' sign

Small Business

Solar panels on a roof


Man holding

Solar Share

Woman and man discussing ways to save energy at business

Energy-Saving Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

You are not required to use a Trade Ally. However, Santee Cooper has provided a list of Trade Allies for customers who do not already have a contractor.

You can find a Santee Cooper Trade Ally by clicking the button below.

Select a Trade Ally

Certified lighting is lighting that has been tested and approved by either ENERGY STAR® or the DesignLights Consortium to ensure a highly efficient product. Any lighting that has not been approved by either of these groups is considered non-certified.

New construction projects are eligible for the majority of Commercial Prescriptive rebates with the exception of:
  • LED Underwater Lighting
  • LED Display Case Lighting
  • Variable Frequency Drives for HVAC
  • Variable Frequency Drive (set at constant reduced speed)

Any equipment removed as a result of Santee Cooper’s Commercial Prescriptive Program cannot be reused and must be disposed of in accordance with all applicable local, state, and federal codes and regulations.

You can find out more about our Commercial Prescriptive Program through the Program Manual.

You can talk with an Energy Advisor by emailing energy.advisor@santeecooper.com or calling 800-804-7424 ext. 3910.