Power lines

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Right of Way Management

A right of way is a corridor created through perpetual easements acquired from the landowner which Santee Cooper uses to build and maintain electric transmission facilities in order to serve our customers. Santee Cooper performs regular maintenance on its rights of way for safe and reliable operation of our utility system. A clear right of way allows:

Santee Cooper maintains over 5,100 miles of electric transmission lines in South Carolina. Santee Cooper strives to safeguard the reliability of our power line grid and our customers' electric service. We do this with a cost-effective system that balances our customers’ needs and respects the natural environment surrounding our facilities. This system requires that we restrict and control certain activities within our rights of way.  


Encroachment Management

Santee Cooper’s Encroachment Management is responsible for the removal, review and approval of utility encroachments within the Santee Cooper easement.

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Tree removal

Ground Floor Management

Santee Cooper’s Ground Floor Management is responsible for the maintenance of all ground floor vegetation management within the Santee Cooper rights of way.

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Power lines near trees.

Tree Management

Santee Cooper’s Tree Management is responsible for the removal and trimming of all hazard trees and maintaining the periphery of the Santee Cooper rights of way.

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