Mosquito Control

Santee Cooper's mosquito control program, currently referred to as Vector Management, was housed in our first permanent building in the late 1930s. We were instrumental in the eradication of malaria from the region by 1950, and we continue to control disease carrying and nuisance mosquitoes.

The program utilizes an integrated pest management strategy to effectively control problematic mosquito populations at over 50 subdivisions surrounding lakes Marion and Moultrie. This approach allows for control over each stage of the life cycle of the mosquito. Larvicides and pupicides are applied to achieve control of these critical aquatic life stages of the mosquito. Adult mosquitoes that originate from areas where larval control is not practical or possible are targeted with the safe and responsible use of EPA-approved chemicals by certified licensed pesticide applicators.

Spray Schedule

The following areas are scheduled for adult mosquito control operations on May 5, 2021

Spray operations will commence 30 minutes prior to sunset and are contingent on weather conditions.


Taw Caw Area

Goat Island Dirt Road, Goat Island Resort, Taw Caw Landing and Park, Taw Caw Campground, W.B. Davis Subdivision, Gin Pond Subdivision, Taw Caw Subdivision
















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