Policies and Reference Materials

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Terms and Conditions of Retail Electric Service

These terms and conditions apply to all retail electric services. When you start, move, or adjust your new or existing electric service, you agree to these terms of service and payment.

Terms and Conditions

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Customer Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important to us. Our Customer Guarantee outlines our commitment to you.

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Retail Rates

Learn more about our residential, business, industrial and wholesale rates, including our Outdoor Rental Lighting Program rates.

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Customer Forms

Whether you’re a new customer who wants to start electric service or a returning customer needing to make a change, we have the right forms to get you started.

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Fee Schedule

We collect fees for certain transactions like service connection fee, meter tampering fees and more. 

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Generator Interconnection Standard

Learn more about procedures, forms and agreements for generators, including rooftop solar installations, connecting to Santee Cooper’s distribution system.

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Line Extension Policy

Santee Cooper has a duty to provide standard electric service, which is defined as single-phase, overhead service to the normal point of service, to customers located in its assigned service territory.

Underground and non-standard electric service is recognized as higher quality service compared to overhead service and has additional costs associated with it. The residential Line Extension Policy establishes a uniform procedure for determining costs and potential offsets, and will minimize potential for premature or unnecessary line extensions. The policy mainly applies to developers and new home construction, unless a customer is modifying their existing service. 

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