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Installing solar panels on your home may be the right choice for you and your family. Our rooftop solar programs help you put solar panels on your own roof and pay part of the cost with rebates and credits. Along with the opportunity to save money on your monthly electric bill, you’ll be helping the environment for generations to come.

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  1. Research

    Santee Cooper does not size solar rooftop systems or install them. We encourage you to work with Santee Cooper Trade Allies, qualified contractors who are up to date with our programs, to find the right size and installation for your home.

    Although we don’t size or install solar rooftop systems, we are here to help. Please review the FAQs below and the EmpowerSolar Home Program manual. If you have specific questions about solar, you can email us at

    Monthly Fees: Please note that customers who sign up for the Santee Cooper Solar Home Program are subject to the charges and fees associated with Santee Cooper's Distributed Generation Rider. The monthly standby fee is $4.40/kW and the monthly meter fee is $2.00. The standby fee was designed to collect the fixed costs embedded in our energy charges. These fixed costs are associated with components of the electric system that solar customers will continue to utilize when their solar system is not producing enough energy to supply the customer’s needs. The decision as to whether or not to  make the investment in and deploy Solar Energy Resources at your home or facility is yours to make, but we ask that you please make sure to get all the integration and rate facts from us before you make a decision.

    Financing: Santee Cooper also offers on-bill financing for qualifying residential customers through the Smart Energy Loan Program for Renewable Energy for up to $40,000. Learn more information about the loan program here.

    Additional home solar system resources:

  2. Call

    A qualified Santee Cooper Solar Energy Trade Ally can help you to determine what size system is right for your home. Contact one or more Solar Energy Trade Allies and a NABCEP certified PV Installation Professional to set up an onsite assessment to see if solar is right for you. Only solar arrays installed by Santee Cooper Trade Allies are eligible for rebates. 

    Find a Trade Ally

  3. Get Rebate

    Your chosen Trade Ally can help you with the rebate application process. Santee Cooper implements DocuSign for a quicker and easier interconnection and rebate process. Once the installation process has taken place and all required program documentation has been submitted, Santee Cooper will schedule its final acceptance testing and meter exchange.  If the system is deemed to be safe to operate, the new bidirectional smart meter will be installed and the rebate will be set to be released. We ask that you allow 6-8 weeks for the rebate to be delivered.

  4. What to Expect?

    Santee Cooper does not monitor your solar PV system. The bidirectional meter only records the energy you sell back to the grid, not the energy you use in your home. This excess solar energy is shown on both the meter and your electric bill as kWhR, or kilowatt hour received. This means Santee Cooper received the energy from you. The kWhD, or kilowatt hour delivered, means Santee Cooper delivered, or sold, you the energy.

    To see the total production of your system and determine how much of the power you used, you must have access to the online monitoring of your inverter. Most solar PV systems come with this capability and your solar PV installation contractor is typically responsible for installing the appropriate hardware and setting up your login username and password.


Before you buy, watch this video.  

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If you have specific questions about solar, please contact us at or 843-946-5951.