Energy Savings Tips

Small changes in the way you use energy around your home and business can add up, saving you energy every day.

For My Home

  •   Set your thermostat at 68OF or lower during the cooler months.
  •   Set your thermostat to 78OF or higher in the warmer months.
  •   Use window treatments to let sun in in the winter and keep the heat out in the summer.
  •   Run your dishwashers, washers and dryers during the coolest part of the evening.
  •   Use LEDs.
  •   Invest in ENERGY STAR® appliances.
  •   Adjust water heater to 120OF.
  •   Purchase and install a Smart Thermostat.
  •   Tune up your cooling system if needed.
  •   Turn off lights and other appliances you are not using.
  •    Use sleep mode on computers when taking breaks. Shut it down when not in use.
  •    Unplug phone chargers when not in use.
  •    Avoid streaming on game consoles which use more power than streaming on a tablet or laptop.
  •   Replace heat pump filters monthly.
  •   Use power strips instead of plugging items in the wall.

These tips are a great start, but if you would like to do even more, check out our Rebates and Home Energy House Call information. 

CFLs Residential Disposal procedure

CFLs require a special disposal procedure

For My Business

  •   Install more energy efficient lighting by replacing your current lighting with LEDs.
  •   Utilize new technology to light your space.
  •   Switch your incandescent exit signs to LED exit signs.
  •   Replace appliances with ENERGY STAR® models.
  •   Practice preventative maintenance on your HVAC equipment, including:
          - Cleaning HVAC regularly (including filters)
          - Fixing any leaks
          - Correcting any part of the unit that is not operating correctly
  •   Install Smart Thermostats.
  •   Unplug any unused technology.
  •   Add automatic lighting controls, like occupancy sensors in restrooms.
  •    Use solar-powered outdoor lighting.
  •   Ensure your air vents are clear of obstruction.