Certified New Construction Lighting

Certified New Construction Lighting

Light Up Savings

When building or gut-renovating a building, why not start out with high efficient lighting? This will save the time and money of completing energy efficiency upgrades later on. ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights Consortium certified lighting is the most efficient business lighting. These LEDs have been tested and approved as high-quality LEDs, and are more energy efficient than previous light bulb designs. The extra money spent on efficient lighting is often made up quickly in savings on your electric bill. When you start out with LEDs, you could receive a $.20/reduced watt rebate from Santee Cooper.

Get Started!

A Santee Cooper Trade Ally can help you choose the best LEDs for your business.

Select a Trade Ally

Your trade Ally can assist you with the lighting for your Commerical New Construction project.

Work with your Trade Ally to complete all paperwork once the lighting is installed in your Commercial New Construction project.

  Lighting Workbook (Select New Construction under Building Type and Size section.)

Check your mail! Your rebate will arrive within 6-8 weeks.