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Energy Saver Program Energy Saver Program

Energy Saver Program
Here's what we do:

  1. Perform a FREE energy assessment.
  2. Install your new lighting or refrigeration equipment and manage your project.
  3. Pay a portion of the project cost!

Improve your business with lighting and refrigeration upgrades!

By making some small energy-efficient changes now, you can stop wasting energy in the future. And, if you upgrade today, the Santee Cooper Small Business Energy Saver Program may pay a significant portion of the cost. Efficiency improvements, including LED lighting and refrigeration upgrades, can improve the look of your business and make it more energy-efficient!

Eligible energy-efficient upgrades are available for:
  • Interior Lighting — Upgrade office, warehouse, showroom, retail shop and more to energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Exterior Lighting — Upgrade parking lot, and perimeter lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting
  • Refrigeration —  Upgrade walk-in coolers and freezers with energy-efficient motors, LED case lighting, and anti-sweat cooler door controls

Why take advantage of this program?

More than 15,000 businesses in the Carolinas have already taken advantage of this great opportunity to improve their bottom line. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your FREE, no-obligation energy assessment today!

Have a construction or warranty-related issue?

If you are already a program participant and have questions related to construction and/or warranty-related items, please call 833-208-5961.