Cherokee Plant Acquisition

Santee Cooper’s Board of Directors has approved the purchase of a natural gas generating facility in Cherokee County (Gaffney, South Carolina).

The Cherokee plant will help Santee Cooper reliably meet increased customer demand from new and expanded industries in the state and a fast-growing residential and commercial base in areas served by Santee Cooper, its municipal wholesale customers, and the state’s electric cooperatives.

The proposed transaction is a cost-effective means for serving customers and provides less ratepayer risk while helping maintain safe and reliable electric service. It is also supported by Santee Cooper’s largest customer, Central Electric Power Cooperative.

PSC Approval Process

The intended purchase requires approval from the Public Service Commission (PSC) before acquiring or building new generating facilities. More information is below, and you can read the full Notice of Filing and Public Hearing here

The PSC has scheduled a public hearing in this case.

Santee Cooper has petitioned the Commission to approve:

  • Santee Cooper’s acquisition and purchase of the Cherokee County Cogeneration Plant, in Gaffney, South Carolina.
  • Changing the name on the Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Convenience and Necessity for the Cherokee Facility to Cherokee County Cogeneration Partners, LLC.

The Petition was filed according to S.C. Code Ann. Sections 58-33-185 and 58-33-110(2) and S.C. Code Ann. Regs. 103-825 and a hearing has been scheduled according to S.C. Code Ann. Section 58-33-185(D) and S.C. Code Ann. Regs. 103-817. You can read Santee Cooper’s complete proposal here and the entire case file here.

Ways to Get Involved

Interested parties can email or mail a letter to 101 Executive Center Drive, Suite 100, Columbia, SC, 29210, by July 18.

For more information on the application or how to participate, go to or call 803-896-5100.

You can read more in the full Notice of Filing and Public Hearing here.