Customer Online Forms

Whether you’re a new customer who wants to start electric service or a returning customer needing to make a change, we have the right forms to get you started. If you have questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at 800-804-7424.

Residential and Business

New Residential Account - (Online / PDF / Español)

New Business Account - (Online / Español)

Prepay Program (Pay As You Go) - (PDF / Español)

Transfer of Service Request - (Online / PDF / Español)

Stop Service Request - (PDF / Español)

Temporary Service Request - (PDF / Español)

Landlord Program Application - (PDF)

Billing Options

Bank Draft/Autopay - (PDF / Español)

Surety Bond - (PDF)

Pick Your Due Date - (Online / Español)

Extend Your Due Date - (PDF / Español)

Budget Billing Program - (PDF)

Outdoor Rental Lighting Program

Outdoor Rental Lighting - (PDF)

Heritage Rental Lighting - (PDF)

Outdoor Lighting Contribution Agreement for Heritage LED Collection - (PDF)

Outdoor Lighting Contribution Agreement for Standard LED Collection - (PDF)

Report Street Light Outage - (Online)

Account Contact Information

Change Contact Information (Residential & Commercial) - (PDF)

Change Account Holder Name - (PDF)

Customer Assistance and Special Medical Needs Program

Donate to Customer Cares Assistance Program - (PDF)

Third Party Assistance Release Form - (PDF)

Special Medical Needs Program - (PDF / Español)


Educational Resources Request Form - (Online / PDF)

Classroom Presentation Request - (Online / PDF)

Career Day Presentation Request - (Online / PDF)

Request a Power Line Hazards Awareness Demo - (Online / PDF)

Energy Educators Institute Application - (PDF)

GreenPower Solar Training Registration - (Online)


Rebate Application - (PDF)

Heat Pump Water Heater - (PDF)

Homeowner House Call Participation Agreement - (PDF)

EmpowerHome - Smart Energy Loans

Smart Energy Loan for Energy Improvements - (Online / PDF)

Smart Energy Loan for Renewables - (Online / PDF)

Trade Ally Loan Proposal (Heat Pump) - (PDF)

Trade Ally Loan Proposal (Heat Pump Water Heaters) - (PDF)

PV Contractor's Proposal for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation - (PDF)

Green Power

Residential Sign-Up - (Online / PDF)

Commercial Sign-Up - (Online / PDF)

Solar Rooftop and Solar Share

Interconnection Request Application - (PDF)

Change of Ownership (Solar Rooftop) Interconnection Request - (PDF)

Solar Share Subscription Application Home - (PDF)

Solar Share Subscription Application Business - (PDF)

Right of Way Management

Encroachment Request - (Online)


Supplier/Contractor Application - (PDF)