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Stop Service

If you’re moving out of our service territory, have these items handy to complete your stop service request.

man carrying box

You will need the following:

  • Account number
  • Social Security number, Passport number, FID or TIN
  • Stop service date (minimum request is next business day, excluding after business hours, holidays and on weekends)
  • Forwarding address for last bill
  • Stop service form / aplicación

You can also contact us at 800-804-7424 or, or visit one of our retail offices.

Only the account holder or their designated representative can stop service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We will mail to your forwarding address either the remainder of your deposit or the balance of your bill. Please keep in mind, if you receive a refund check, it will be made out to the business name on the account.

If yes, please contact us at 800-804-7424 to verify that all electric services have been de-energized before you begin the process of demolishing or physically moving the structure. We want to ensure the safety of all involved!