Start, Stop, or Move Your Electrical Services

New customers should have their service address, social security number and a contact phone number ready.

Existing customers will need their account number.

Start Service

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New residential accounts require a deposit based on the two highest consecutive billing periods at your new service location — but no less than $100. After 13 months of timely payments, your deposit will be refunded to you or applied to your final bill, whichever occurs first.

An acceptable credit check may be considered in place of the deposit.

If you are building a new home that doesn't have a meter, please contact us. A customer service representative will begin the process with an application for service and outline additional work to be done — such as working with the area engineer to design and schedule line work. A Residential Service Extension Application Agreement must be completed. You will also need to check with your local city or county electrical building inspection department about required fees and inspections before Santee Cooper can install a meter.

If you are moving into an existing house that already has a meter, please contact us. You will need to complete a Residential Service Request Application and provide a security deposit. 

We will need your completed application at least one business day prior to the requested date of service.

Stop Service

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Call 800-804-7424 to request your electrical service be stopped. 

We will require a stop date and forwarding address for the final bill. We try to provide next-day service, but a minimum two-day notice is requested to assure a timely response. 

Once service is disconnected, we will deduct the final bill from your deposit, if applicable, and the balance will be mailed to you at the forwarding address you provide.

Move Service

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If you are moving to another location and already have service in your name, you may transfer your service by filling out a Transfer of Service Request. 

You are allowed to keep service at both locations for five business days. If you need additional time, you can fill out a new Residential Service Request

Any outstanding balance at the current location must be paid, and you may be asked to pay an additional deposit depending on the new location and your current payment history with Santee Cooper.