Commercial Refrigeration and Kitchen Equipment

Commercial kitchen

Cook Up Energy Savings

Upgrade your kitchen with more energy efficient equipment. Santee Cooper offers rebates for a variety of equipment upgrades. Please see the chart below for a complete list of these rebates.

LED Display Case Lighting $10/T12 Retrofit to LED Lighting for Display Case
$8/T8 Retrofit to LED Lighting for Display Case
Electronically Commutated Motors $50/Refrigeration Application Motor
ENERGY STAR® Refrigerators and Freezers $70/ ENERGY STAR®  Glass-or Solid-Door Commercial Freezer
$70/ ENERGY STAR®  Glass or Solid-Door Commercial Refrigerator
ENERGY STAR® Kitchen Appliances $200/ENERGY STAR®  Combination Oven (Convection and Steam)
$200/ENERGY STAR®  Convection Oven
$250/ENERGY STAR®  Dishwasher
$100 ENERGY STAR®  Griddle
$200/ENERGY STAR®  Hot Food Holding Cabinet
$200/ENERGY STAR®  Steamer
Demand Control Kitchen Hood $735/Qualifying Kitchen Hood
Refrigerant Suction Line Insulation $3/Linear Foot of Qualifying Line Installation

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    A Santee Cooper Trade Ally can help you choose the best refrigeration and kitchen equipment for your business. Using a Trade Ally is NOT a requirement to participate. Contract our Energy Services team for more information.

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    Your Trade Ally can install your new refrigeration and kitchen equipment in your business.

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    You will need to complete and submit the following to Santee Cooper. 

    • Dated Sales Receipt or Paid Invoice 
    • Manufacturer’s Specification sheets
    • Rebate Form

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    Rebate Application (submit electronically)Rebate Application (email or mail)

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    Check your mail! Your rebate will arrive within 6-8 weeks.