Non-Certified New Construction Lighting

Facility with non-certified new construction lighting

Show Your Business in a Better Light

Although non-certified retrofit lighting has not been verified by a third party like ENERGY STAR® or DesignLights Consortium, they are more efficient than incandescent lights and CFLs. When building or gut renovating a building, start out with these LEDs and you could receive a $.10/reduced watt rebate from Santee Cooper.

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    A Santee Cooper Trade Ally can help you choose the best LEDs for your business. Using a Trade Ally is NOT a requirement to participate. Contract our Energy Services team for more information.

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    Your Trade Ally can assist you with the lighting for your Commercial New Construction project.

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    Work with your Trade Ally to complete all paperwork once the lighting is installed in your Commercial New Construction project.

    Note: Select New Construction under Building Type and Size section when completing Lighting Workbook below.

    Lighting Workbook

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  5. Get Your Rebate

    Check your mail! Your rebate will arrive within 6-8 weeks.