Smart Thermostats

Nest Smart Thermostat

Control, Convenience and Savings

A smart thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your facility anywhere from your smart device, learns your behavior, and can adjust the temperature by itself. A $50 rebate is available to business customers who purchase a qualifying smart thermostat on the Prequalified Smart Thermostat List. 

Prequalified Smart Thermostats

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    A Santee Cooper Trade Ally can help you choose the best smart thermostat for your business. Using a Trade Ally is NOT a requirement to participate. Contract our Energy Services team for more information.

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  2. Purchase and Install

    Buy a qualifying smart thermostat and install it.

  3. Complete

    You will need to complete and submit the following to Santee Cooper.

    • Smart Thermostat Form
    • Receipt
    • Photo of the installed Smart Thermostat
    • Current W9 form for the customer applying for the rebate

    Select one:

    Smart Thermostat Form (submit electronically)Smart Thermostat Form (email or mail)

  4. Submit

    Santee Cooper Energy Support Services
    305A Gardner Lacy Rd.
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29579


  5. Get Your Rebate

    Check your mail! Your rebate will arrive within 6-8 weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not have to use a Santee Cooper Trade Ally to install a smart thermostat. You will need to complete and submit the Smart Thermostat form along with your receipt for the smart thermostat. In order to receive a rebate, the smart thermostat MUST be on the Prequalified Smart Thermostat List.

Smart thermostats are Wi-Fi enabled and have occupancy sensing. In other words, they can be controlled from your smart phone and will automatically adjust the temperature when no one is in the building. This makes a smart thermostat more efficient.

If you purchased one of the thermostats listed on the Prequalified Smart Thermostat List during the program year (December 1, 2022-November 30, 2023), you can still apply for a rebate. You will need to submit the Smart Thermostat form, rebate application, receipt and photo of the installed smart thermostat to Santee Cooper.

Only thermostats on the Prequalifying Smart Thermostat List qualify for a rebate.

Prequalifying Smart Thermostat List

Santee Cooper can only offer rebates for thermostats that have documented energy savings in national databases. We will continue to expand the Prequalifying Smart Thermostat List as more thermostats are introduced to the market and their energy savings potential is determined.

Prequalifying Smart Thermostat List

During the cooler months, set your thermostat at 68° or lower. During the warmer months, set your temperature to 78° or higher.

You can find out more about our Commercial Prescriptive Program through the program manual.

Program Manual