Home Energy House Calls

A Santee Cooper Energy Advisor can visit your home and give you customized advice on how to become more energy efficient and still stay comfortable. You will be provided with a free Home Energy House Call Kit with products to get you started.

House Call Kit

Home Energy House Call Kit Includes:

  • Two LEDs
  • Weather stripping
  • Child proof caps
  • Switch gaskets
  • Outlet gaskets
  • Two LED night lights
  • Rope caulking
  • Filter whistle
  • Water temperature card
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Children's energy-themed coloring book
  • Educational material

What to Expect from Your House Call?

  • An Energy Advisor will make an appointment with you.
  • A House Call takes about an hour.
  • An Energy Advisor will look in and around home.
  • An Energy Advisor will give you an energy efficiency kit and provide personalized recommendations.

Schedule a House Call

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can receive a House Call if you live in an apartment or condo.

In order to receive an energy efficiency kit, you must have a House Call appointment. During the appointment, you will receive a House Call kit and detailed information from a Santee Cooper Energy Advisor discussing the ways you can save energy in your home.

Contact Santee Cooper

Email: residential.energy@santeecooper.com 

Call: 800-804-7424 ext. 3910

During the Home Energy House Call, you will receive two LEDs in your Home Energy House Call Kit. Santee Cooper’s Energy Advisor may leave extra LEDs if you have a large number of high usage lights in your home.

Before your Energy Advisor arrives, please make sure all cords are out of the way and animals are put away. Your Energy Advisor will only be able to complete your House Call if an adult is home and is able to sign the Homeowner’s Participation Agreement. 

You will need to complete and submit one of the following forms or give it to your Energy Advisor when they visit your home.

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